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MCVE ‘ункции

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Additional documentation about MCVE/Monetra's PHP API can be found at » http://www.mainstreetsoftworks.com/documentation.html. Main Street's documentation is complete and should be the primary reference for functions.


  • m_checkstatus Ч Check to see if a transaction has completed
  • m_completeauthorizations Ч Number of complete authorizations in queue, returning an array of their identifiers
  • m_connect Ч Establish the connection to MCVE
  • m_connectionerror Ч Get a textual representation of why a connection failed
  • m_deletetrans Ч Delete specified transaction from MCVE_CONN structure
  • m_destroyconn Ч Destroy the connection and MCVE_CONN structure
  • m_destroyengine Ч Free memory associated with IP/SSL connectivity
  • m_getcell Ч Get a specific cell from a comma delimited response by column name
  • m_getcellbynum Ч Get a specific cell from a comma delimited response by column number
  • m_getcommadelimited Ч Get the RAW comma delimited data returned from MCVE
  • m_getheader Ч Get the name of the column in a comma-delimited response
  • m_initconn Ч Create and initialize an MCVE_CONN structure
  • m_initengine Ч Ready the client for IP/SSL Communication
  • m_iscommadelimited Ч Checks to see if response is comma delimited
  • m_maxconntimeout Ч The maximum amount of time the API will attempt a connection to MCVE
  • m_monitor Ч Perform communication with MCVE (send/receive data) Non-blocking
  • m_numcolumns Ч Number of columns returned in a comma delimited response
  • m_numrows Ч Number of rows returned in a comma delimited response
  • m_parsecommadelimited Ч Parse the comma delimited response so m_getcell, etc will work
  • m_responsekeys Ч Returns array of strings which represents the keys that can be used for response parameters on this transaction
  • m_responseparam Ч Get a custom response parameter
  • m_returnstatus Ч Check to see if the transaction was successful
  • m_setblocking Ч Set blocking/non-blocking mode for connection
  • m_setdropfile Ч Set the connection method to Drop-File
  • m_setip Ч Set the connection method to IP
  • m_setssl_cafile Ч Set SSL CA (Certificate Authority) file for verification of server certificate
  • m_setssl_files Ч Set certificate key files and certificates if server requires client certificate verification
  • m_setssl Ч Set the connection method to SSL
  • m_settimeout Ч Set maximum transaction time (per trans)
  • m_sslcert_gen_hash Ч Generate hash for SSL client certificate verification
  • m_transactionssent Ч Check to see if outgoing buffer is clear
  • m_transinqueue Ч Number of transactions in client-queue
  • m_transkeyval Ч Add key/value pair to a transaction. Replaces deprecated transparam()
  • m_transnew Ч Start a new transaction
  • m_transsend Ч Finalize and send the transaction
  • m_uwait Ч Wait x microsecs
  • m_validateidentifier Ч Whether or not to validate the passed identifier on any transaction it is passed to
  • m_verifyconnection Ч Set whether or not to PING upon connect to verify connection
  • m_verifysslcert Ч Set whether or not to verify the server ssl certificate

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