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COM ‘ункции

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For further information on COM read the » COM specification or perhaps take a look at Don Box's » Yet Another COM Library (YACL). You might find some additional useful information in our FAQ for PHP и COM. If you're thinking of using MS Office applications on the server side, you should read the information here: » Considerations for Server-Side Automation of Office.


  • COM Ч COM class
  • com_addref Ч Increases the components reference counter [deprecated]
  • com_create_guid Ч Generate a globally unique identifier (GUID)
  • com_event_sink Ч Connect events from a COM object to a PHP object
  • com_get_active_object Ч Returns a handle to an already running instance of a COM object
  • com_get Ч Gets the value of a COM Component's property [deprecated]
  • com_invoke Ч Calls a COM component's method [deprecated]
  • com_isenum Ч Indicates if a COM object has an IEnumVariant interface for iteration [deprecated]
  • com_load_typelib Ч Loads a Typelib
  • com_load Ч Creates a new reference to a COM component [deprecated]
  • com_message_pump Ч Process COM messages, sleeping for up to timeoutms milliseconds
  • com_print_typeinfo Ч Print out a PHP class definition for a dispatchable interface
  • com_propget Ч Alias of com_get
  • com_propput Ч Alias of com_set
  • com_propset Ч Alias of com_set
  • com_release Ч Decreases the components reference counter [deprecated]
  • com_set Ч Assigns a value to a COM component's property
  • variant_abs Ч Returns the absolute value of a variant
  • variant_add Ч "Adds" two variant values together and returns the result
  • variant_and Ч Performs a bitwise AND operation between two variants
  • variant_cast Ч Convert a variant into a new variant object of another type
  • variant_cat Ч concatenates two variant values together and returns the result
  • variant_cmp Ч Compares two variants
  • variant_date_from_timestamp Ч Returns a variant date representation of a Unix timestamp
  • variant_date_to_timestamp Ч Converts a variant date/time value to Unix timestamp
  • variant_div Ч Returns the result from dividing two variants
  • variant_eqv Ч Performs a bitwise equivalence on two variants
  • variant_fix Ч Returns the integer portion of a variant
  • variant_get_type Ч Returns the type of a variant object
  • variant_idiv Ч Converts variants to integers and then returns the result from dividing them
  • variant_imp Ч Performs a bitwise implication on two variants
  • variant_int Ч Returns the integer portion of a variant
  • variant_mod Ч Divides two variants and returns only the remainder
  • variant_mul Ч Multiplies the values of the two variants
  • variant_neg Ч Performs logical negation on a variant
  • variant_not Ч Performs bitwise not negation on a variant
  • variant_or Ч Performs a logical disjunction on two variants
  • variant_pow Ч Returns the result of performing the power function with two variants
  • variant_round Ч Rounds a variant to the specified number of decimal places
  • variant_set_type Ч Convert a variant into another type "in-place"
  • variant_set Ч Assigns a new value for a variant object
  • variant_sub Ч Subtracts the value of the right variant from the left variant value
  • variant_xor Ч Performs a logical exclusion on two variants

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